Carly Bobak, Ph.D.

About Me

I am a biomedical data sciences expert who is passionate about researching infectious diseases. I earned my Ph.D. in Quantitative Biomedical Sciences at Dartmouth College in 2021 where I developed and applied machine learning methods to identify better diagnostic biomarkers for Tuberculosis using gene expression in blood or volatile organic compounds from breath. I obtained my undergraduate and masters degrees from the University of Guelph in Applied Mathematics. I love quantitative science - but I'm primarily interested in applying for improved healthcare outcomes.

I work with scientists who have expertise in analytical chemistry, biostatistics, microbiology, computer science, engineering, and infectious disease clinicians. I'm eager for any opportunity to travel to new places to share scientific research around the world.

When I'm not typing madly at my computer, I'm probably hiking in the woods or up a mountain with my two trusty canines.