Data Wrangling

Created and lead a data wrangling course for graduate level students at Dartmouth College. The courses explores different methods of data curation and wrangling using Excel, SQL, and R. Topics covered include data structures, data manipulation, data exploration, data wrangling documentation, web scraping, etc. The course is designed to be hands-on, with both in class and homework exercises which encourage students to work collaboratively as they design their own data manipulation skills. The course culminates in a final project where students select publicly available data, submit an aims page detailing how the data will be used, document their data analysis process and present preliminary findings to their peers.

R Programming Bootcamp

Course organizer and co-instructor for a one week course designed for incoming graduate students associated with the Quantitative Biomedical Sciences program at Dartmouth College. Course reviews R programming concepts from practicing logic with loops and user-defined functions to using statistical tools to analyze expression array data from the Gene Expression Omnibus. Calculus, statistics and linear algebra are reviewed to prepare students for course work as well.

Beginning Computer Coding for Big Data

Course organizer and co-instructor of a one week course designed for middle and high school students interested in developing programing experience. Morning sessions covered topics such as exploratory data analysis, basic statistics for uncovering patterns in your data, and data visualizing. During afternoons students collaborated with instructors one-on-one on their own projects spanning topics such as Marvel Comics, Game of Thrones, Dog adoptions, Chicago Gang activity, as well as analyzing their own experimental data.

Teaching Assistant Experience

  • Introduction to Computing (Fall 2020, Winter 2021)

  • Modelling Complex Data - Dartmouth (Fall 2018, Spring 2020, Spring 2021)

  • Methods of Statistical Learning for Big Data - Dartmouth (Winter 2019)

  • Applied Epidemiological Methods II - Dartmouth (Fall 2017)

  • Statistics Drop-in Center - University of Guelph (2015-2016)

  • Numerical Methods - University of Guelph (Winter 2016)

  • Introductory Applied Statistics - University of Guelph (Fall 2015)